A team of experts in water and renewable energy

Civil Constructor from Universidad Catolica, prominent businessman in several fields such as construction, healthcare, insurance and real estate. Currently is President of RSA Insurance Group – Chile, Vice President of ENEA (real estate development of about 1,000 Ha. in Santiago), and member of the board of Megasalud (health), Nibsa (metalworking) and Moller & Perez-Cotapos (construction), among other companies. He stands also as Past President of the Chilean Chamber of Construction and former Vice President of the Insurance Association of Chile.

Lawyer from Universidad de Chile, he was Minister of Agriculture under the Government of Sebastian Piñera. He is a farmer in the VI and IX regions and has extensive experience in agriculture and Chilean winemaker sector, which allowed him to participate in different associations linked to the field. He is Past President of the National Agricultural Society and former member of the board and president of several organizations.

Leading fruit producer and exporter with 40+ years of experience in the field, he is the founder and CEO of EXSER, one of the five largest exporters of Chile, with presence in major markets worldwide. He has been member of the board of the Association of Exporters of Chile.

He was Executive Secretary of the National Irrigation Commission until March 2014, being responsible for the planning of irrigation policies, the implementation of Non Conventional Renewable Energy in agriculture, the administration of the law for fostering irrigation and the approval of the resources for all irrigation project benefited with public funds. Internationally, he was Coordinator of the Water Group of the Southern Agricultural Council.