Legal Advice

    • Strengthening and legal assistance to WUAs
    • Water Rights request
    • Transfer of water rights
    • Improvement of titles
    • Regularization of water rights
    • Registry of water rights
    • Legal Assistance in water purchase
    • Water strategies


  • Analysis, design, installation, supply and construction of irrigation systems (drip, sprinkler, pivot, etc.).
  • Analysis, design and construction of accumulation works (annual and interannual reservoirs).
  • Analysis, design, construction and lining of canal works.
  • Design, supply and installation of gates.
  • Application to public funds provided for the Law for Fostering Irrigation.


Run of the River Plants

  • Pre-investment studies.
  • Engineering, inspection and audit Construction of civil works.
  • Supply and installation of equipment.
  • Coordination with water users.
  • Power lines (turnkey projects).
  • Environmental permits and authorizations.


Solar Projects

  • Management and consulting for the development of solar energy.
  • Off-grid solar systems for own consumption or on-grid PV systems.
  • Maintenance of systems.
  • Monitoring.

Biomass initiatives

  • Biomass availability assessment.
  • Project evaluation (generation / cogeneration).
  • Evaluation of gasification projects.
  • Financing and project management.